But, even with less force, the PP does not give in and remains ahead of electoral expectations, according to the November barometer of EL PAÍS and Cadena SER. Data from the 40dB demographic institute. they only notice an appreciable erosion of the image.

Alberto among the electorate of the left. His people continue to trust him, while his competitor on the right, Vox, has been down for the sixth consecutive month. The Socialists experience a slight improvement, still insufficient to reduce the three points of advantage that the PP takes. All the internal data of the work can be consulted in theweb pages of EL PAÍS and Cadena SER .

The survey was conducted between October 27 and 30, in the midst of the dust storm over the PP’s decision to break off negotiations to renew the General Council of the Judiciary, without this fact affecting for the time being the expectations of the first party of the opposition. The barometer grants the PP 29.9% of the votes, if general elections were held today, half a point more than in October , which would give it three more seats than then (now it would stand at 127).

The PSOE manages to get out of three months of stagnation, although its progress is modest, symmetrical to that of the PP: half a point that would allow it to touch 27%, add four deputies to those expected in the previous month and reach 107. Other parameters contribute to alleviate the tribulations of the socialists.

His vote fidelity increased slightly, from 63% to 66%, and he also managed to reduce the flight to the PP, which in October was 7.5% of his electorate and now drops to 6.7%. At the same time, the PSOE penetrates more strongly among the voters of United We Can and captures one in 10.

The average number of seats calculated by 40dB. he again points out that the group on the right, although successful, would find it very difficult to forge a parliamentary majority. Vox has followed the opposite evolution to that of the PP after the arrival of Feijóo and goes from fall to fall.

That of the last month is less alarming for the Santiago Abascal party —four tenths—, but it consolidates a trend that began half a year ago. If elections are held today, Vox could lose up to 13 of its current 52 seats in Congress, going from 15.2% of the votes in November 2019 to 13.8% calculated by the demographic work.

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